Friday, May 30, 2014

Greek Gods


Zeus was the god of the sky and ruler of the Olympian gods. Zeus overthrew his Father Cronus He then drew lots with his brothers Poseidon and Hades. Zeus won the draw and became the supreme ruler of the gods. He is lord of the sky, the rain god. His weapon is a thunderbolt which he hurls at those who displease him. He is married to Hera  but, is famous for his many affairs  . He is also known to punish those that lie or break oaths.What made this god powerful and respected was he had the power of lightning and he was the one who took down Cronus and became the god of all the gods who ruled Mount Olympus 

What I believe as this god is that is the best and most respected god because he took over his father and did not get eaten like his siblings but he was strong enough to free his siblings and got to take over his fathers throne.Why I would respect this god is because he is very great at his powers and he is very strong in his head and out . 

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